Welcome to Cedar Valley Hunt Club.
We hope you love it here!

Cedar Valley Hunt Club

Located in the heart of pheasant country, Cedar Valley Hunt Club in Stanton, Nebraska has hundreds of privately-owned hunting acres available to you. 

With CRP grasslands, food plots, crop lands, two streams and a large pond, our land is home to abundant pheasant, quail, and whitetail deer. The gently rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop for your private hunt.

Every sportsman understands the bonds that form in the field. Associates become friends, friendships grow stronger, families grow closer, and we invite you to visit us and allow us the opportunity to bond.

TLC Labradors

TLC Labrador pedigrees include National Field Champions, National Amateur Field Champions, Master Hunters, Champions and experienced working and hunting dogs.. We believe the qualities that make tremendous field dogs also make exceptional hunting dogs.

We select parents who meet demanding specifications in trainability, natural hunting instincts, appearance, and most importantly…physical and mental soundness. Our litters are produced only from dogs that are OFA certified that have DNA testing available. We do everything we can as responsible breeders to ensure we are breeding healthy dogs.