Brenda Jenny

Hi Mark and Traci! I hope you are both doing well. I just have to share a picture of Lexi and Addie. They are both great dogs. Lexi still gets very jealous of Addie and Addie is still “Miss Sassy” pants, but they enjoy playing together and keeping each other company. We just love them!!! Thank you for raising the best labs!!!

Sean Sutherland

Hi Mark and Traci. This was unknown to me until a few days ago, but it appears Jett is now on the newsstands somewhere in the South!

ken leissig

I would like to thank the both of you for a very enjoyable bird hunt! (Ameriprise Group). The dog handlers and dogs did a fine job considering the 25-40mph winds. Lots of fun, lots of birds, lots of good shots ball all, some not so good (by me). But it’s not so much about how many, it’s more about the camaraderie with your friends, the friends you make and the fun of it all. A special thank you to you, Traci, for a delicious dessert! I sure wish I had the recipe!! Thanks again.

Mike & cindy

We picked up Zeke almost two years ago! Zeke is a great hunter and a TOTAL delight for our entire family! A much loved dog. You have such a track record with dogs! Thanks again for our Zeke!