Dog Training

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dog training is essential to producing a civilized, well-mannered, and easy to handle dog!

TLC Labradors in Stanton, Nebraska offers dog training for all breeds. We are experienced in capitalizing on the strengths, minimizing the weaknesses, and adapting to the learning styles of each dog in order to produce the best dog he can be.

We are well-known for producing optimal results with difficult, soft, and problematic dogs as well as for our success with dogs who “cannot be trained.” 

Every dog trains differently! We learn to understand what motivates your dog and then modify our training to suit him best. This allows us to get the most potential from each pup and transform it into the dog of your dreams! 

We appreciate the referrals from our satisfied customers and those who have seen our own dogs at work.

Training Programs

dog training

A one month program that includes:

– Commands like heel, sit, stay, and come
– General manners like jumping and nipping

This will produce a dog who is a good citizen the family can enjoy. This is NOT hunting training.

Waterfowl & Upland

A 4 month program which includes:
– All elements of obedience training
– Field obedience training
– Gun shot conditioning
– Field training for ducks, pheasants and quail
– Electric collar conditioning
– Basic marking on land & water
– Quartering and teaching a dog to use his nose
– Steadiness encouraged

This will produce a well-trained hunting companion.

Blind Retrieves

The timeframe on this training varies; your dog will be trained on skills to complete blind retrieves. This is considered to be a “finished” dog.

Our team of trainers regularly participate in training seminars and we also educate youth! Contact Mark to set up your dog training seminar or to speak at your upcoming function.