Shooting Range


We’ve been hard at work preparing our shooting range! We’ve extended our long range rifle course with targets from 100 yards all the way up to our NEW 800 yard platform making us one of the longest range rifle courses in Nebraska! We have the rifle range, a pistol range, a .22 range which can be shot at ground level or from elevated platforms. Additionally, we have numerous steel targets including plate targets, a hostage target, and the very fun mag star deluxe target! Memberships are available starting at $350 for a single family. However, if you have a Cedar Valley Hunt Club hunting membership you can add the shooting range at a discounted rate of $200. 

We have teamed up with Devin Crinklaw of Extremis Tactical and Micah Gardner of Eyes Up: Prevailing Concepts and Firearm Training to offer a wide variety of classes to our members and the public. Devin Crinklaw is a 20+ year member of law enforcement, a United States veteran, and a former SWAT officer and trainer. He is a Nebraska State Patrol approved CHP instructor since 2010 and has been teaching self-defense, use of force, and firearms and tactics for over 30 years. Crinklaw is considered a court certified use of force expert and his students will receive a certificate of approved training upon completion of his courses. Micah has been teaching with Devin and will offer smaller, private classes for individual instruction of firearms.

classes coming this winter

We will update our 2024 class schedule this winter. If you are interested in a specialty class, please contact us and we’ll see what our instructors can do!

special events

We are happy to set up special events for you! If you wish to host a team building event, bachelor party, private class, or anything in between, we can make it happen! We’re also happy to bundle your special event at our Haymow Lodge to enhance your experience. Haymow Lodge features a grill, a bonfire, a bar, and excellent hospitality. Visit with us to make your special event happen!